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Massage Therapy

-the drainage massage generally focuses on the area of the legs and belly’s these are the parts
that accumulate the most swelling .
-the masseur ,through kneading and caressing ,takes care of moving stagnant liquids up the
leg upwards ,and towards along the abdomen towards ,and downwards the groin area so as to
facilitate their expulsion .
-the draining massage is performed with the help specific oils in addition to making the
treatment easier, also promote the drainage.
-the draining massage is an aesthetic massage that acts on the lymphatic and circulatory
system of those who recevit ,very useful for fighting problems and imperfection such as
rhinoplasty ,mammoplasty and liposuction .
Also recomanded for pregnant woman .

-Holistic massage ( from greek olos=everything) is so called because it is a type of massage
therapy that takes into consideration the man as a whole ( mind-body-soul).
There are multiple therapeutic approaches and techniques used according to the needs of
-the tension reflex massage in one of the most common ways of interpreting the silent
message that body sends.
-in fact ,it consist of a technique that is based on the principale for each of our moods ,which
we feel and do not expresses equivalent to a tension on the spine, seen as a container on in
which unexperienced emotions are stored.
According to this conception,rachialgia therefore represents the way in which the body
communicates with our emotions-tensions

-swedish massage represents what in the western world is defined as classic massage .
It is therefore the set of classic maneuvers that are the basis of the art of massage .
Although the name suggests that this treatment originated in Sweden .the danish doctor
johan George Mezger developed the meted of classic massage.
-he resumed his studies on the Swedish physician and physiotherapist Pehr Henrik
ling ,reworking them and inserting them into the method that still today constitutes traditional
-Mezger then used the term Swedish in honor of Lin s study.
-the Swedish massage is characterized by various technique whose main objective is to relieve
muscle tension and give a feeling of both physical and mental relaxation.

-according to the philosophy underlying Shiatsu massage in each person s body there are so
called meridians within which a vital energy known as KI flows.
The alternation and blocking of the flow of this vital energy would lead to the appearance of
imbalances, malaise and disturbances in the individual.
The purpose of the shiatsu massage ,therefore,is to remove any blockages and restore the
normal flow of KI energy, in such a way as to allow the individual to achieve a new state of
relaxation,well-being and psychophysical harmony.
More specifically, according to those who practice it, shiatsu massage should be useful in the
presence of.
Stress and axiety (non pathological)
Depressive symptoms of a non pathological nature
Articolar pains
Neck pain
Muscle pain and or tension
Digestiv disorder
Lymphatic circulation
Digestive disorders
Menstrual disturbance

Hair stylist

Express your beauty by enhancing your uniqueness .
The hair artists of Alethea will be able to give prominence and new light to your style with
professional and impeccable cuts, colors and hairstyles .

  • Trimming cut 1400
  • Elaborated cut. 2200
Styling ,fold
  • Simple fold 900
  • Elaborated fold. 1500
  • Hayrstiling 500
  • Permanent curls. 2000
  • Regrowth 2000
  • Complet color 6200
  • Highlights 3700
  • Shatush 12000
  • Moisturizing 1300
  • Regenerating 1500
Extension services
  • For 90 cm 300
  • For 69 cm 200
  • Curl 69 cm 300
Extension clips
  • Rent per day. 5000
  • Guaranty amount 12400



  • Tips on nails 1500
  • Nails extension. 2000
  • Manicure gel polish 500
  • Manicure traditional 500
  • Tips per pcs. 100
  • Nails design 3d 200
  • Nails uv gel 1200
  • Pedicure compleat 1500
  • Manicure gel 2500
  • Pedicure spA 2000
  • Paraffin treatment. 700
  • Spa treatment hand and feet 2000


Revolutionizing the barbering industry by providing an atmosphere that transforms ordinary
experience into an extraordinary experience.

Barber services
  • Hair cut 800
  • Shave 500
  • Razor 300
  • Face treatment 1500
  • Compleat color hair 2500
  • Compleat color beard 800
  • Waxing 300
  • Face mask 500
  • Permanent wig 43000


Photo activation for body treatments for face and body treatments for the
stimulation of collagen and elastin and inhibition of collagenase.
Cell renewal without thermal effects and ablation of the skin surface carried out
through a diode laser source with low fluence energy

Photo activation services
  • Face price 30€
  • Body price 120€


Non invasive solutyion of excess localized adiposity
Laser lipolysis for body sculpting treatments.
Laser diodes on body applicators and plates for abdomen ,hips,thights,arms.
Continuous or pulsating emissions with pulse regulation.
Valid alternativ to surgical or preparatory liposuction ,activates the resorption
of fat pads without the use of needles and reshapes the silhouette without pain.
The treatment is relaxing and can last up to 60 minutes ,weekly treatments can
be carried out for a maximum of 8/10 sessions

Lipolaser services
  • Price per session 55€


Drainage remodeling and oxygenation
Dynamic electric currents for face and body treatments for toning and
remodeling ,revitalization and oxygenation of tissues,sequential electric lymph
drainage,electrolipolysis,total body electro sculpture, localized and diffuse

Eletrostimulator services
  • Price for 10 session 220€
  • Price for 5 session 120€
  • Price for 1 session 30€


Deep cleansing for impure or acne-prone skin
Angled spatula with stainless steel blade and LCD vibration and ultrasound for
skin scrub ,peeling and deep cleansing and selective exfoliation ,impure and
acneic skin treatments

Dermoscrubing services
  • Price of session 25€


Biorevitalization with dermoporation medium and deep superficial conveyance
of water-soluble active ingredients even with high molecular weight through the
skin in the cellular n administration of cosmetics for non-invasive face/body
treatments in aesthetics device for treating palmar hyperhidrosis

Vehiculator services
  • Price 1 session 60€
  • Price 5 session 200€

Permanent hair removal

Laser diodo 808 nm
808 diode laser hair removal is a permanent progressive hair removal
treatment ,caried out by means of a diode laser characterized by the emission of
unidirectional and monochromatic waves that allow to selectively eliminate not
only the hair bulb but also and above all the cells that allow the regeneration of
the flat hair. The results are visible from the first session .

Permanent hair removal services
Prices per session per area
Small area
  • Cheek 15€
  • Moustache 7€
  • Chin 7€
  • Front 7€
  • Armpits 7€
Middle zone
  • Upper neck 27€
  • Shoulder 27€
  • Foot 27€
  • Hand 27€
  • Buttock 27€
  • Upper arm 27€
Large area
  • Upper back 27€
  • Lower back 27€
  • Upper arm 27€
  • Total groin 55€
  • Abdomen 27€
  • Chest 40€
  • Lower legs 50€
  • Upper legs 55€

*The prices are decided and customized after a free consultation with the laser specialist.
The prices cannot be higher than the ones published.

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